After a long 7-8 months of development we’re finally ready to release a brand new version of OldSchool Gunz. A huge amount of time has been spent on backend development, which whilst won’t directly affect gamer’s experience, has made it significantly faster to develop, easier to debug, and harder for cheaters to break. We’ve also introduced some exciting new content, some resurrected from the MAIET days, a lot of which is not available on any other mainstream GunZ server so we hope it will be a fresh experience for all.

We recommend deleting the Oldschool Gunz directory before installing the new client. Please do not save the config.xml file, which contains your user settings, and allow a fresh one to be downloaded. Then re-apply your preferences in-game.

Back-end and Engine


We didn’t want to bury this point:

New: Tengri by Mahuahua and Musia

We’re introducing a new quest and boss “Tengri”, which follows on from Dwarf Goblin King and Fake Goblin King. If you’re lucky enough, he may even drop his hammer… Check out the quest guide to find out more.

XP/BP Rewards

Rebalanced Quests

Rebalanced Droptables

Carried Over From Old Release

Bounty Gambling

That’s right - we’re reintroducing gamble items in the shop. These will be purchaseable with earned bounty ONLY - we don’t believe in pay-to-win and are sticking to that principle. We hope gamble items will provide a much-needed bounty sink, allowing you to spend excess bounty on unique items. Items will last for 7 days except for one very rare permanent item in each box! See this link for more information:


Carried Over From Old Release


New: Stations

Stations are the only item in the game to offer AOE healing/repairing. For a short duration, stations will generate a healing field which restores HP or AP over time to all players (not NPCs) in the vicinity.

They are not purchasable from the shop, and must be earned through the new gambling items.


New: “Highland” by Besovka / Neverhax

New: “Prison_Drainage2”

This is the Giant Lizardman boss stage map and can only be played in training game mode with up to 8 players. This map has been added on request to allow players to practice tactics for hard quests like Torn Page 65 & 75 on Prison.




Bug and Locale Fixes

Known Bugs

Future Updates