Submitted by GunZ, Jan 21 2022 2:32PM  
In this update we've added gambling boxes to the in-game shop!
There are 2 types of boxes; Consumable box & Cosmetic box

The consumable box contains either consumable or temporary items*. The cosmetic box contains just temporary items*. Both boxes contain one very rare permanent item!

The level requirement to buy boxes is Lv.40

Consumable Box (2500 BT):

Ring of a Gambler (permanent) 0.5%
Large Magazine Pouch 9.5%
HP/AP Field Station 10%
HP/AP Vials 10%
HP/AP Pills 11%

Canox EX4 14%
Triangle Seaweed-Rolled Rice 14%

Cosmetic box (5000 BT):

Elite Uniform (permanent) 0.1%
Hunter Uniform ~12%
Dark Wig 12.5%
Invisibility Suit ~12%

Bug Buster Coat 15%
Shadow Suit ~16%

OldSchool GunZ Shirt ~16%
Designer Coat ~16%

* = temporary items wil last for 7 days