Submitted by GunZ, Sep 7 2020 12:00AM  

- Shotguns have been completely reworked and balanced!
(read more about this in #dev_blog on our discord)
We are the first server ever to have them truely balanced.

- Rocket Launchers have been completely reworked and balanced. Every Rocket Launcher now has a variable Blast Radius which can be checked on weapon info.
Also the damage drop-off has been decreased so they are more powerful, we've done this because rocket launchers were kind of meaningless in the original game.

- Magazines / Ammo have been improved! Picking up ammo now adds a full clip worth.
Where as previously what happened when pickup up ammo:
50/0 -> Pickup Ammo -> 120/0

After patch:
50/0 -> Pickup Ammo -> 120/50

-Palmpows now have a working skill animation. The original game never fixed this.

- JACO count has been added. A message will pop-up telling you when NPCs no longer spawn with loot.

- Torn Page 75 & QL3 bosses have been added!
QL3 bosses are duplicants of the normal bosses but with higher difficulty and better rewards & droptables. QL3 require a 'QL Encyclopedia' to start the quest. More info can be found in our in-game Quest Guide!

- Quest Guide has been updated.
A quick navigation page has been added + info on new QL3 bosses & Torn pages.

- Quest Rankings are now live!
You can view the quest rankings here:

- Nuke is a new exclusive map created by myself!
It's now playable in-game!
More maps will follow.